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Sustainable ‘Interior Designing Ideas’ is truly a popular topic these days and for a good reason. Trying to fix the earth has never been more essential than now when it is seemingly dying. Deforestation, pollution, climate change, and the catastrophic loss of biodiversity are all our misdeeds. We’ve managed to almost completely wipe out the ecosystems which are very good for life on earth. On that note, many of us are starting to do our best on all sides to cure at least some of the damage we’ve done. When it comes to Interior Designing Ideas, being eco-friendly is simple than you may think. Designing a home that will benefit the planet ultimately comes down to avoiding things that can harm it.
Sustainable Interior Designing Ideas
If you choose to start living a more environmentally aware life and create a healthy ecosystem in your own home but you’re not sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a couple of important tips and tricks that will get you started on your path to an eco-friendly living space.

Sustainable Interior Designing Ideas

Energy Efficient Basics

This one is for those among you that are beginning from scratch, or, to put it in better terms — sketch. Just like any other home, an eco-friendly home begins from its construction.

Designing your home to avoid the need for additional lighting, heating and electric energy for appliances is a step on the environmentally friendly path. Reducing energy consumption is one of the ways to live sustainably, but there are plenty of other ways to consider. From the usage of renewable, non-carbon energy sources, to design innovation, there are a lot of things you can do from the very get-go to maintain the planet.

Local and Fair Trade Products

Helping local creators and small businesses is at the leading edge of sustainable living. By choosing local you are avoiding the requirements of long-distance shipping, not to mention that local products are usually original and unique. By choosing fair trade products, you are choosing all of the values fair trade stands for, including transparency, ethics, and equity.

Retrofit, Reclaim and Recycle

Retrofitting means using or upgrading the existing structures in your living space. By doing so you will substantially cut waste and the overall process will result in both innovative and green solutions. The same process goes for reclaiming and recycling old furnishings. Whether you decide to redesign your old sofa or visit a garage sale and purchase a bench to refinish, is of no effect. Renovating and reusing is the key factor of sustainable living practice and among the best Interior Designing Ideas.

Low Impact Materials

Avoiding non-renewable and harmful materials in your household is the right choice for sustainable day-to-day life. This sounds simple, but it’s a pretty tricky business. Anyone can tell you that you should steer clear of fossil fuels, nylon, plastic, polyester, etc. On the other hand, some materials are supposedly all good and sustainable according to their deceiving marketing tricks. 

For example, rayon has a coveted natural tag and it truly is a biodegradable plant fibre. However, the process of manufacturing rayon involves energy, and water, and is chemical-intensive. In conclusion, instruct yourself and be mindful of the things in your household.

Creating Eco-friendly Interiors with CKDe

Our vision is to maintain nature connections to support physical and mental wellbeing across all aspects of the built environment; from cities to neighbourhoods; streets to buildings; whole interiors to the furniture we connect with every day. 

Ckde’s sustainable architecture and interior design practice are founded on an evidence-based approach that assures that Biophilic Design principles are embedded at every stage of a project. 

By succeeding in this complete approach, we can deliver powerful benefits to the health and wellbeing of the occupants of the building through our areas of work. 

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