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The New Year is here and it’s time to add some new life to your house and make it more creative, stylish, and elegant with the most popular and Luxury Interior Ideas for New Year. You can follow these ideas for luxury interior design of your house and add a beautiful layer to the inside of your home.

New Year is the perfect time to set resolutions, most people set goals for themselves and want to build their homes from the ground up in order to live their best lives.

Having worked on projects for hospitals, educational institutions, residential complexes, offices and hotels across Kerala, Kannur, Chonokadavath has grown into a hub for innovative architecture and interior designing In order to make your home a luxury home, it is important to choose the right elements and right Luxury Interior Ideas for New Year.

The basic concept of the interior design is to create an ambiance that is both warm and welcoming. There’s no need for gaudy colours or fancy furniture. The key factor that makes Kerala homes luxurious are their natural air and light, which gives them a distinctive look.

Chonokadavath Architects & Interiors combining the latest technology with luxury to offer you the best of services and best Luxury Interior Ideas for New Year.


5 Luxury Interior Ideas for New Year – 2023

Tropical Décor

Tropical style is all about comfort, ease and utility which makes it the best among all Luxury Interior Ideas for New Year. Tropical interior design can involve using natural materials, such as bamboo and teak.  There are numerous ways to get the tropical look without poking a hole in your pocket.

Including plants in your interiors is the perfect way to bring the outside in and create a space that has a pure, clean quality. You’ll always feel refreshed if the interior is perfectly ventilated, and not too stuffy. Indoor plants add up the spice to tropical interiors.

The use of right combination of colours is much more significant as it adds up the aura of your living space. Think of the following colors just to name a few, White, Cream, Beige, Turquois, Aqua and Green. Touches of gold around a room add depth and a sense of richness.

Right Colour Combination, Shapes, Patterns, and Materials add us the correct richness of tropical design. Don’t forget on the right accessories for decoration. A good selection of accessories makes this interior designing successful. For this, right architecture firm with creativity should be hired.

Modern Heritage Style

Kerala is known as the ‘Land of Coconuts’ with its lush greenery. Kannur has the distinction of being a place of some beautiful architecture and heritage in the country. Modern heritage style is characterized by floral wallpapers and fabrics.

Modern heritage style is a British or early colonial look that combines classic furniture, patterns and designs from that period with more contemporary furniture in rustic finishes.

This is sustainable interior design at its best, relying on upcycled, recycled, vintage and antique finds, rather than new furniture. Heritage style is about creating a classic, timeless and sustainable style that will never go out of trend or fashion. People tend to go back to old times for nostalgic feel.

Reclaimed wood and vintage pieces are key to the modern heritage look. Wood and stoneware, two of the oldest and most sustainable materials, can be used for the heritage look.

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Minimalist Design

Minimalism is keeping your living space simple with simple line furnishing with uncluttered designs. The colour used in this type of interior would mostly be monochrome and a colour used as an accent. Use of accessories will be less, which make the whole space more voluminous.

High ventilation and the use of natural light is the key to minimalist design when thinking of  Luxury Interior Ideas for New Year. All accessories and furnishings used in this style of interior design are purely functional.

The key is for the space to feel clean and orderly and not cluttered with too many furnishings, accessories, and colours that do not complement and blend. The Idea is to bring a clean, airy, and sophisticated space, perfectly functional and harmonious, that offers tranquillity to the eye and serenity to the soul.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary interior design is known for sleek surfaces, crisp furnishings, and cutting-edge art. Contemporary interior design is a new movement in the world of interior decoration and hence is a new face of Luxury Interior Ideas for New Year. It is a blending of classical and modern elements, which has developed over the last few decades.

It is achieved through the use of natural materials like marble and wood, to ground the space. To create contrast, use bold colours and geometric forms – large objects such as sofas and sculptures. To add that finishing touch, state-of-the-art technology is used to control the lighting or music.

Luxury Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

The ultimate goal of interior design is to create beautiful spaces that are inviting, functional and efficient. There are many different styles of interior design, but one thing remains the same—the need for a well-designed space that is aesthetically pleasing.

This article will give you an insight into the work done by Chonokadavath Architects & Interiors, Kannur, Kerala.

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