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A number of colonial and native architectural treasures may be seen in Kerala with Latest Interior Design Trends in Kerala. In the current environment, the state is home to a healthy mix of high-rise flats and old, spacious independent villas.

Modern Kerala homes include contemporary architecture while honoring traditional Kerala design and international design aspects. See which interior design fads are most prevalent by taking a peek inside several Kochi houses.

Latest Interior Design Trends in Kerala

Modular Kitchens

In Kerala homes, teak wood and marine-ply are common choices for kitchen cabinets. A common need for big, open modular kitchens is the presence of wooden cabinets. For your modern-looking kitchen, you may also choose from materials like laminates, veneers, natural stone or ceramic, acrylic, glass, or back-painted glass in addition to solid wood.

Modular Wardrobes in the Bedrooms

In Kerala, chic modular wardrobes are a common choice. Make sure it is constructed with a high-gloss or matte finish. Use unique touches like a sliding wardrobe with lacquered glass shutters, a two- or three-toned wardrobe, a mirror enclosed between, etc. MDF, laminate, and mirror shutters with textured surfaces are more options.

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Plush, Vibrant Fabrics are a Continuing Favorite

There is a shift from softer textiles like velvet and silk in vivid colours to heavier fabrics like heavier cotton furniture and upholstery in browns and creams. Another noticeable change in recent years is that living room couch sets are no longer covered in a secure shade of brown.

The living room now has seating combinations in brighter colours. A stunning pair of strong blue armchairs or beige couch sets with vibrant cushions and throws may also be included to liven things up. Furniture with ethnic patterns and elaborate designs may give a space a traditional or neo-classical feel.

Wooden Accents Are Still Popular

In addition to wooden furniture, Kerala houses include several other wooden decorations. Walls with wood paneling and artificial ceilings with wooden trim might be found. Plan an entertainment center made of elegant, custom-designed wood that doesn’t appear overly substantial for your house.

Use wooden wall and ceiling accents sparingly for the greatest results; do not allow them overshadow the other elements of the space. Design a modern showcase or bookcase to your requirements if you wish to construct one to display your collectibles. To unify the aesthetic, use wooden flooring in your living room and bedrooms. Bring in a few family heirlooms, such as a wooden trunk, a writing desk, or a side table.

Natural Materials Remain in Power

In Kerala dwellings, materials including ceramic, stone, cane, rattan, metal, and wood are typical. These materials can be put to intriguing uses. Purchase cane-backed dining room chairs. Purchase a rough-cut stone or patterned ceramic washbasin for your dining room, add a coloured stone or metallic backsplash to your kitchen, or construct a chic glass wall to divide your living and dining areas.

Indian-style decorative accents

Hang wooden swings in your living room or on your balcony to enjoy the air in the evenings or to relax on lazy Sundays. Even if the majority of the furniture in each area is modern or contemporary, pick a few pieces of outstanding vintage furniture to serve as the room’s main point. Purchase a dinner wagon made of solid teak, hand-carved teak window shutters or a dining table with gold-leafed, hand-carved legs. To salvage or refurbish for your house, you may even visit old, decaying homes and collect precious wooden furniture items.

The Elements are celebrated

Kerala has a lot of water and vegetation. Additionally, Kerala is renowned for its beautiful backwaters. Homes in Kochi naturally celebrate these aspects by including little water features or lots of vegetation. Large windows, some of which extend to the ceiling, open to the surrounding greenery and bring in a lot of natural light.

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Speak to CKDe Interiors right away to share your thoughts if you want to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. We’ll work with you to include all of these and more to make your family’s Kerala home a snug refuge!

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