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It is tough to make room for all your stuff when you have a small house. There are several intelligent ways to maximize small house spaces and make the home more functional. You don’t have to worry about how smallest the room is or how loaded the bedroom looks with all your things. 

At CKde interiors, we face limited space concerns all the time and we are experts in designing functional homes regardless of the size. 

Check below the interior design ideas which are very helpful in making the best use of your available space.

Tips to Maximize Small House Spaces


If you have a limited bedroom or dining area, you can save a lot of space by choosing compact-sized furniture. Based on your daily needs and family size you can purchase multi-functional furniture and accessories. 

Since home designs are trending towards small house spaces, the market offers a range of multi-purpose furniture such as floating desks, transforming sofas, compact dining tables, and clever storage shelves. Apart from its space-saving design, they are popular for its contemporary presence and functionality. It also benefits traffic flow in the room.

If you are having large furniture, you can sell them and purchase smaller ones or remodel/repurpose them with the help of a carpenter. When you are working with interior designers at CKde interiors we assure to put you in touch with expert local carpenters and artisans who can build or remodel great furniture to meet your home design and space.

Maximize Small House Spaces

Wall Storage

Using clever wall storage, you can save a lot of space engaged by books, vases, game consoles, and other household items. This way can help you find a place for everything you want. At the rear of the shelves, you can stave off the things that are used less frequently. If you want a desk to be combined for some task go for a mounted wall desk. Mounting your TV on the wall will save some more space. Load your books on the wall shelves, and set the rest of the things. You can experience the comfort of walking into a well-set and clean home space.

Transforming Corners

All the rooms have corners that usually go clear and unused. Transforming these corners and unused spaces into a library, reading area, snack zone, or meditating area can help to save some space to maximize small house spaces. Paint these areas with a different colour and develop a whole new personal section. Depending on what you planned to do in this space you can organise specific things and accessories and quickly access them.

Mirror on Wall

We cannot think exactly how important mirrors are in making a room spacious. It’s one of the oldest design tricks on the list, but one that is used excellently even today. Choose a wall mirror with a good frame that not only makes the room larger but raises the beauty of the room. Mirrors come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet the different design needs of your lifestyle and home design. You will be stunned by how the reflection of the mirrors transforms your room into lighter and airier.

Colour Palette

As you already know neutral wall paints, curtains and furnishings have a great influence on how the room space feels. Paint your walls with light shades that are whites, greys, and off-whites mixed with subtle patterns and textures for a wonderful balance.
Before choosing furnishings and accessories, be noted a colour palette that can expand the space visually. It should also enhance the wall and ceiling paint.
Maximize Small House Spaces

Don’t fill up Every Space

The issue with having limited spaces is that you try to fill up the empty spaces with something or the other. Every empty wall or space gets crowded with irrelevant things which makes the room filled. It is ok to leave empty walls or storage shelves the way it is and you don’t have to make the need to load up things.

Maximize Vertical Space

The vast majority do a very great job of occupying floor space with furniture, yet not many individuals exploit vertical space. It’s basically vacant space in many homes, however, can be astutely used to boost useable space.

When it comes to designing small spaces less is more. With all the above-mentioned design tips you can maximise the small space in your home into a functional one.

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